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RATTAWU says deduction from members salaries constitutional


By Jacinta Nwachukwu


Abuja  –    Mr Akpausoh Akpausoh, National Secretary-General, Radio Television Theatre and Arts Workers Union (RATTAWU), says the recent increase in the union’s dues deducted monthly from members’ salaries is in accordance with the union’s constitution.

Akpausoh in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Abuja said that the constitution stipulates that a member should be charged three kobo per naira.

“There are no complaints, it is not an issue. Deduction is constitutional and we cannot operate outside the constitution.

“The constitution says three kobo per naira, and that was what we did, because when we came on board we discovered that members were not paying the required rate.

“Some were even paying less than one per cent,’’ he explained.

He said that there was a circular issued to all members to that effect through their zones and chapters, but they were not doing the needful.

 “So the leadership will try as much as possible to normalise it,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Chapter of RATTAWU has expressed dissatisfaction with the arbitrary deductions of union dues from their salaries.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Mr Femi Joseph, Assistant Chief Accountant, NAN Headquarters said that in August, the National President affected 285 per cent above lawful deductions from members’ salaries.

 “The National President of RATTAWU in Aug.  2017 affected 285 per cent above lawful deductions from members. We reported to our local president who called him, and we were promised a refund.

“To our surprise, the same level of injustice was melted on us in Nov., as he went ahead again to effect the illegal deductions.

“For instance, a level 13 step 5 officers’ lawful deduction is N886.71, as against N3, 414.80 illegally deducted for the two months in contention.

“Early 2016, we were prevailed upon to stay with the union having written to the management to be withdrawn as members. We want to activate that position now’’.

“However, before living the union we want refund of all illegal deductions, failure on which, we may be forced to take legal action against the national president,’’ he said.

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