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Re: Islamophobia – Pantami and the hypocrisy of his detractors, By Fredrick Nwabufo


This Fredrick Nwabufo should be utterly ashamed of himself and family for this nonsensical rubbish write-up.

His hatchet job and traducement on Isa Pantami clearly depicts why Biafra might never come and why over three million (mostly children) lost their lives in a wicked and evil civil war that engulfed a contraption called Nigeria, nay (Igboland) from 1967-1970.

I hope his fellow Igbos will read this piece of journalistic junk he obviously got paid for to pretend a subterfuge for a dangerous Janjaweed fundamentalist manning a very sensitive ministry which he was deliberately installed to feather and foster the jihadists plans to Fulanise Nigeria.

I want to pose many questions to him to really bring home his mindless epistle but I will only concise it to one.

Has any pastor or church leader’s preachings ever gingered or instigated their listeners, worshipers or followers to be so radicalised that they take up arms, bombs and terrorists acts against fellow humans, especially non-Christians?

His slave mentality with his ilk indicates why the Nigerian military is presently bombing and air raiding Orlu in Igboland. To this character its about money. We know their types.

I pray and hope he gets to see the sale of his conscience soon ooze out to ridicule him and put in cesspool of disgrace his family name and compound which he is associated with in Biafra land hereon out.

By Omotayo Dada

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