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Reasons Why You Should Never Have An Affair With Married Women


We often talk about marriage infidelity or dangers inherent in dating married men; one less talked about issue is having an affair with a married woman.

For men involved in such a relationship, it is either one of two things; they got attracted, dated without knowing at the start of the relationship that she is married or they consciously pursued a relationship with the woman with the knowledge of her marital status.

While it may seem thrilling and “living on the edge”, here are a few reasons why one should avoid dating a married woman:

Home Breaker                                                                                                                                                                  
You should know that you are potentially wrecking a home. By maintaining an affair with a married woman you put her in a position where she has less time and affection for marital vows, thereby undermining her commitment to her home.

Husband’s Wrath

Nothing hurts a man’s ego more than his wife sleeping with another man. There is almost no man that would take that lightly. And such a man is likely to go to any length to revenge his damaged ego. In such a case, it wouldn’t matter if she was the one that seduced you or not.

Emotional manipulation

A married woman through deceptive behaviors or lies would try to gain your sympathy and love by crying marital woes to you; how her husband mistreats her or how her in-laws are unfair to her.  It is only to manipulate you emotionally and put you in a tight spot.

Multiple Sex Partner

A married would also be getting intimate with her husband, by being in an affair with her, you run at a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


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