Reconciling warring factions in Ekiti PDP has been tough but … Senator Olujimi

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stakeholder in Ekiti State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party and senator representing Ekiti South district in the red chamber, Senator Biodun Olujimi has hinted that reconciling the worrying factions in Ekiti State has been tough but that she believes that the resolution come from the convention committee.

In this exclusive interview with Assistant News Editor of Sundiata Post, Senator Biodun Olujimi talked about how the defections being witnessed in the party would not affect the chances of the party in the 2023 election.


Qstn: What Nigerians, especially members expect from the forthcoming convention of the party. 

We are working so hard to reposition our party ahead of 2023 election. And of course, there are other coming up before 2023. We need a strong party to be able to weigh through all the election that is steering us at the face and I know that the Governor’s Forum and the Board Of Trustee (BOT), the National Executive Committee (NEC) have been up and doing . 

Qstn: Are you not worried that your party is seriously loosing critical members? 

Well, you know this is election time and election times are always like this. People who believe that their interest cannot be saved here want to move. But let me assure you, they will all come back, if they don’t come back, they will fizzle into oblivion. The truth is, the people on the other side also have enough people to take charge there. So whatever is happening is happening because where people believe they have upper hand they go and wield it there and it doesn’t work that way. 

Qstn: As a stakeholder in Ekiti State, have you reconciled all the worrying factions, are you on the same page with former Governor Fayose

It has been tough for us to do. But I know that with the Convention, something has to be done. The NEC has effectively ceded it’s powers to the Convention and I know that the convention committee, in having to put together all the and the congresses coming up in the various states, we have to attend to the problems of Ekiti, Osun and other states that have pending issues and I believe that is where the resolution will come from.