Researcher spells out role of traditional birth attendants

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LAGOS – A gynaecologist, Dr Oliver Ezechi, said on in Lagos role Attendants (TBAs) should be community liaison officers in healthcare delivery.

Ezechi, a medical researcher with Institute Medical Research, Yaba, told   News Agency Nigeria (NAN) the TBAs should cease from taking delivery  .

“Most the deaths among pregnant women are caused by three things bleeding, infection and hypertension in . The TBAs cannot manage any of them.

“If a woman is bleeding, what is TBA going to do?

“In some you might even operate on the woman to remove the womb to stop the bleeding, if you cannot control with the use of , the TBAs are not equipped to do .

“The next thing is infection, you to know the type of infection and you antibiotics, TBAs are not equipped to do these things.

“The next one is hypertension in ; they don’t even know how to measure blood pressure.

“So, when people let TBAs manage, they are not equipped and they cannot manage any of them.

“And ’s not something you will train somebody in a class programme; takes three years to train a midwife, after secondary education, while university six years, takes another six years to train a gynaecologist.

“Is what they are going to train the TBAs how many days?”

He said allowing the TBAs to attend to pregnant women “is practically endorsing unskilled personnel to attend to pregnant women and this can increase maternal and infant mortality rates”. (NAN)