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Ronke Oshodi calls out Toyin Abraham over Ijakumo movie


Ronke Oshodi, a prominent figure in Nollywood, has expressed her opinion about her fellow actress, Toyin Abraham.

Taking to Instagram, the fair-complexioned actress presented Toyin Abraham with flowers as she commended her outstanding performance in the movie “Ijakumo The Born Again Stripper.”

Ronke Oshodi, known for her straightforward nature, emphasized that she wouldn’t provide a negative movie review.

She recalled offering a positive critique of Femi Adebayo’s film and proceeded to shower praise on Toyin and the entire cast of the mentioned movie.

She conveyed her exhilaration after watching the film, confessing that it gave her goosebumps.

“Toyin Abraham is exceptionally talented in the realm of acting. I had the pleasure of watching ‘Ijakumo The Born Again Stripper’ yesterday, and it truly sent shivers down my spine. Can you believe it? Please make an effort to watch ‘Ijakumo’; I earnestly urge you to do so.

As someone who values honesty, if something isn’t good, I prefer to remain silent. But when I watched this film, I was moved to my core. Each actor performed remarkably. Toyin, you deserve all the accolades.”

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