Sanctions against Russia may affect region, IMF warns

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The International Monetary Fund warned Thursday recent economic sanctions imposed against Russia could have a severe impact would ripple through the region.

a regional level, there’s bound to be some impact,” especially through channels, William Murray said at a news conference.

Murray said the impact was expected to be felt economies “ have very active and direct links Russia, particularly eastern and central Europe and central Asia.”


The highlighted recent sanctions against Russia, “especially those have imposed by the United States,” signalled a step-up of geopolitical tensions and “could have a significant adverse impact the Russia economy.”

The is supposed to decide Thursday whether to expand its sanctions against Russia for its alleged role backing separatist fighting Ukraine and after the shooting down of a Malaysian jetliner Ukraine last week.

July 16, the day before the deadly crash of Airlines flight MH17, the United States expanded its sanctions against Russia, targeting Russian energy, defense and financial firms to punish what says are violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty.