Sexual activity enhances emotional wellbeing, reduces migraine pain- Experts

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Lagos –  Two medical experts on Wednesday said sexual activity has no health implications in both men and women, but it enhances emotional wellbeing and reduces migraine pain.

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Mrs Folake Opaleye, a marriage counsellor and Dr John Olutola, a gynaecologist, disclosed this in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Opaleye said that contrary to the negative feelings, several studies had linked regular sexual activity to emotional wellbeing and reduced migraine pain.

Opaleye, also a retired nurse, who currently works with a faith home in Lagos, said, “Sex has a positive effect on emotional wellbeing of couples.

“It also increases intimacy, making both couples to be free from stress and worries, reports have confirmed that sex is a stress reliever.

“Judging from the available researches on sex, it was found that those who had sex at least once over two weeks, were better able to manage the stress of public speaking.

“Those who experience adequate sex also record lower blood pressure in response to stressful situations.

“Orgasm is associated with an upsurge of blood flow from the brain which can reduce headache.

“During intercourse, there are certain orgasms that are associated with an upsurge of blood flow from the brain which can reduce headache.’’

She said that adequate sex could help in warding off cardiovascular problem if worked together with some exercises.

“ Men who made love regularly (at least twice a week) were 45 per cent less likely to develop heart disease than those who did so once a month or less.
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“Sexual activity not only provides many of the same benefits to the heart as exercise, but also keeps levels of estrogen and testosterone in balance, which is important for heart health.

“ Sex helps to boost the heart rate, burn calories and strengthen muscles, just like exercise.

“In fact, a research recently revealed that sex burns about four calories a minute for men and three for women, making it (at times) a significant form of exercise,’’ she said.

On hindrance to a perfect sex drive, the marriage counselor said that men should avoid sedentary lifestyles, adding that this might impact negatively on their libidos.

“In order to maintain a good balance of sex, couples should reduce or rather eliminate sugar in their diets. It is virtually important to eliminate sugars, especially fructose.

“High level of sugar in the bloodstream can turn off the gene that controls the sex hormones. Couples should also eat healthy diets and marshal a nutritional plan.
“Vitamin D is also good for the body, because ideally, through appropriate sun exposure, our body creates Vitamin D sulphate. Regular exercise is also a good way of keeping fit.

“People should avoid smoking or drinking excessively but get plenty of quality sleep,’’ she said.

Also speaking, a gynaecologist, Dr John Olutola, said that the process of ejaculation does not have any negative impact on health and that man has nothing to lose during intercourse.

Olutola, a staff member at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Ebute Meta, said that the energy lost during any sexual intercourse was negligible and could not be compared with other physical actions engaged in by men.

“Talking about energy, all our body systems require one form of energy or the other- talking, eating, breathing- and other metabolic action requires energy.

“The energy we talk about in sex is negligible, comparing to other actions. Even in another realm, men do experience wet dreams whereby they ejaculate in dreams.

“After waking up, I don’t think there will be any panting or dehydration because the experience is just an effortless one.

“The process of ejaculation is a special act that requires the production of sperm which is a function of the reproductive system,’’ he said.

Adetola said that even during family planning, men were advised to have consistent sex so as to flush the remainder of the sperm out of their systems.
“During family planning for men, we have what we called vasectomy, which is a type of planning recommended for men.

“Vasectomy is a permanent contraception to block or cut the vas deferens tubes that carry sperm from the testicles, three months delay in taking effect while stored sperm is still present.

“The operation does not involve removing the testicles and will not affect a man’s ability to produce semen.

“Vasectomy is the name given to the surgical sterilisation of the male that prevents sperm travelling out of the testes (balls) and into the semen (the fluid ejaculated).

“This does not affect male sexual performance, it is voluntary in which there is informed choice to the man,’’ he said

Adetola said the operation does not change a man’s sexual function, adding that he should still be able to enjoy sex and ejaculation and feel the same.

“The only difference will be that the semen will not contain sperm. The process of ejaculation is therapeutic and will be replenished without losing anything,’’ he said. (NAN)

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