Shakira breaks Facebook record, gets 100 million ‘likes’

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International pop star Shakira is officially the most popular person social networking platform Facebook, with over a 100 million ‘likes’ for any public figure.

Shakira’s global appeal, her posts, interactions with fans and her overall personality, have managed win her the 100 million-plus likes. this milestone, she posted a her page thanking her fans.

“I am honoured and humbled about reaching this milestone, because ’s ’s purely about connecting with fans from all parts of the globe,” Shakira said in a statement issued behalf of Facebook.

She believes social media and specifically Facebook has helped herself and artists the gap between the stage and the audience.


“We’ve been able create a conversation, where both artists and fans can share with another their thoughts, achievements, the most important moments of their lives in photographs and videos, and have a real, ongoing dialogue” said the 37-year-old crooner.

She often takes the social networking site thank her fans and communicate with them.