Smile records another first with colour LCD screen display

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LAGOS – Smile Nigeria is poised to release into the another innovative product; a new SMiFi that will allow a user to see their mobile number on the display of the coloured LCD screen.

This first-of-its-kind feature is dependent on the Smile SIM card type inserted into the device. Vitally, it accords with the company’s foundational philosophy of creating innovations that outperform the existing benchmark in the Nigerian market. 
With the new SMiFi, with coloured LCD screen display, Smile customers will have immediate access to their mobile numbers for ease of recall, and recharge purposes. The devices will, in the first instance, be available in two main categories; the SM MG900 – 4GLTE SMiFi and the SM LT300 – 4GLTE SMiFi, each of which will come with the SmileNumber pre-configured on the SIM card. 

A statement from the company affirmed that the devices and SIM cards will be made available to its teeming consumers and esteemed customers from April 2021. This latest revolutionary product is “Yet Another First From Smile” and speaks to Smile’s unending innovative streak that has seen the company the first 4G LTE network in 2014, in West Africa Nigeria, in , thereby revolutionising the way people access the internet. 

Smile has since then deployed the 4G LTE radio network that enabled it to provide the most advanced telecommunications technologies and standards available anywhere in the world using 4G LTE network technology. It also the first to launch Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) in 2016 to enable consumers to benefit from superior quality voice, video, and data services on a single device and a single data plan. April 2019 also saw the introduction of SmileKonnect which enables International 4G data roaming and empowers consumers to automatically access data services such as sending e-mails, downloading, and sending business documents.
Smile is a pan-African telecommunications group with operations in Nigeria (Smile Communications Nigeria), Tanzania (Smile Communications Tanzania), (Smile Communications Uganda), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Smile Communications DRC).

Smile has a single transformative objective of using the best and most innovative technologies to provide its customers with fast, reliable, high-quality, easy-to-use, and affordable communication services.