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Solomon Lar’s Wife Not Happy With Nigeria At 88years


By Kingsley Chijioke

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Former Nigeria Ambassador to the Netherlands and wife of the pioneer National Chairman of the Peopl Democratic Party (PDP), Late Chief Solomon Lar, Prof. Mary Lar has said at the age of 88 years she feel good but at the same time a bit worried abaut some aspect of our national lives.

Prof. Lar made the disclosure while speaking to newsmen shortly after her 88th birthday thanksgiving service held at Church of Christ In Nation (COCIN) headquarters in Jos at the weekend.

The matriarch of Lar’s family pointed out that she is happy that God speared her life to see today, but however said “I am not happy seeing what is happening in Nigeria currently. So it is a mixture of joy and bad feelings for me as a person.” she said.

Prof. Lar further stressed “Although I feel good but at the same time a bit worried abaut some aspects of our national lives especially when you look at the way human lives are being wasted and lost all the time. It is a thing of great concern to me as a mother.”

The Professor of Curriculum development further argued that she alligned with what former President Goodluck Jonathan once said, “In Nigeria there is no enemy to fight.” We are all members of the same country. All we can do is to help one another to develop to the level of progressive nations. We are going backward instead of moving forward.

The former Plateau First lady also pointed out that as a citizen of this country, we can not walk with our shoulder high in a commity of developed nations, but however said Nigerians are wonderful and intelligent people, Government at all levels should create a conducive environment so that our youths can develop their talents.

According to the octogenarian, she want to see a great change in the country, where people will be free to move around, free to express their minds, free to develop and do new things that will make Nigeria a great nation. “This is my desires”. she said.

“Politically people are not secured in their homes. There is no trust, if only we can be just and fair with one another the country will be greater than what it is today, we need justice and fairness, a nation where no man is oppressed irrespective of tribe, religion and political difference.”

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