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SON advocates proper disposal of electrical wastes


LAGOS – The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) on Friday reiterated the need for proper disposal of electrical wastes in the country.

Dr Richard Adewunmi, the Head of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department at SON, gave this advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Lagos.

According to him, SON is fine-tuning the process of setting a standard for manufacturing and importation of air-conditioners, refrigerators and electrical appliances.

“We are looking at the situation where the nation becomes energy efficient to help maximise the little power coming from the national grid.

“As we are working on the standards, we hope those in the environment will have the technology to dispose wastes from electrical appliances properly.

“This is because when the standards come on stream it will be impossible for people to bring in non energy efficient appliances into the country.

“Also, those using appliances that are not energy efficient compliant would be encouraged to embrace energy efficient items, which also tend to be cost efficient.

“It is always better to dispose the electrical wastes centrally.

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“With adequate technology, one can be able to extract the mercury in those appliances,’’ he said.

Adewunmi said that the world was evolving ways of making sure electrical appliances in homes and public places were environment friendly.

He said Nigeria had been lagging behind in the technology revolution as importers kept bringing second hand appliances, with outdated gases that increase the ozone layers, into the country.

Adewunmi said that the effect on ozone layers was the cause of green house gases effects that contributed to global warming and the out cry on climatic change.

He said that effort was being made to produce Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) appliances.

According to him, many manufacturers are turning to CFL appliances because it consumes less power.

He said that this would in turn lead to the full maximisation of energy consumption by households.

Adewunmi said that  energy efficiency was being propagated in all household appliances. (NAN)

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