Stella Damasus threatened over recent comments on events in Nigeria

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Nollywood Actress currently based in the U.., Stella Damasus has received a over her comments on the unfortunate happenings in Nigeria.

While lending a voice to the Not Bride months ago, she released a very daring video on , calling a particular serving Senator and his supporters paedophiles.

Also a few weeks ago, after the of over 200 girls from Chibok, she released another video addressing the government and accusing it of not asking for help from foreign allies.

As a result, some hired assassins were sent to murder her last Monday.

The Nation newspaper that 12 heavily armed allegedly stormed the Abuja home of her husband, Ademinokan where the actress and her daughters were said to have been living before they relocated to the with Ademinokan.

Ademinokan’ younger brother, who just returned to Nigeria, and his mother were the only persons in the house on the fateful day.

The allegedly insisted on getting Stella’ recent contact in the US, including her address and phone number, without success, saying, ‘Your brother and his wife think they can just open their mouths and say anything they like about the government, abi?’”

Confirming the incident, Stella took to twitter during the week and wrote: “That is what Nigeria is known for; you say the truth…they try to silence you! It not work on Stella Damasus. cannot be intimidated.”

No form of political bullying or intimidation work! You can’t shut me up! stand and speak the truth, regardless of your tactics.”