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Stella Damasus under fire for keeping live-in lover with son


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Nigerian movie fans and lovers of Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon, have descended on A-List actress, Stella Damasus, blasting her for not urging her live-in lover, Daniel Ademinokan, Doris‘ ex-husband, to return Doris’ son, David, to her. A few days ago, it was all over the news that Daniel has returned the young boy who has been separated from his mother for over a year, to her. But Doris’ media people immediately came out to debunk the story, saying that the boy is still with Daniel and Stella. Now, those who see the action as immoral are attacking Stella and want her to impress it on Daniel to return the toddler to his mother. These are what one of the fans had to say.

“This is so heart-breaking; how can a woman be ostracized from seeing her son? Every woman knows the pain of being separated from a child carried in the womb for nine months. Now I ask you this, Stella Damasus, you are crying against child bride and pursuing other campaign. Can you not feel Doris’ pain, the pain of a woman who carried a child for nine months and does not even get to speak to that child on the phone?  

You Stella are now with Daniel, Doris’ ex-husband. Can you not implore this man to return David to his rightful mother or even initiate that he speaks to his mother on the phone? I hear David calls you ‘mummy’ and it makes you feel good? You are taking care of another woman’s child against her will because you love that child’s father?

Stop trying to fight the wrong course Stella Damasus; I beg you in God’s name, to beg Daniel on Doris’ behalf. I do not care what a bad person Doris has been painted to be; she is David’s rightful mother; she carried him and nursed him.”

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