Home News “Stop painting the judiciary black” – Plateau APC group warns PDP

“Stop painting the judiciary black” – Plateau APC group warns PDP

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 By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – A group under the aegis of the Strategic Monitoring Team of the Plateau State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has warned the People’s Democratic (PDP), to stop casting aspersions on the judiciary for a misfortune the PDP brought upon itself.

“Stop painting the judiciary black”, the group said.

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The group also warned the ruling party to stop using the State resources in its favour to divide the State into religious lines by instigating the public into believing that the Judges are taking sides against the PDP based on religious sentiments.

Speaking in a press conference on Saturday in Jos, Co-ordinators of the group, Mr Golepji Wambuta and Engr. Buhari Auwal said the PDP is drumming drums of political war.

“The PDP’s drums of political war is a misdirection of aggression from itself in order to make the Judiciary a victim”.

 The duo said any threat to peace will require the security agencies to call the PDP to book to forestall what she seeks to cause.

“We want to use this medium to enlighten the Plateau people to shy away from the ugly trend as it is not in our nature. The PDP is in sheer and dangerous denial thereby poised to set the people against themselves since it wields the instrument of power, resources, and propaganda to achieve its subversive motives at this time, but not later”, it said.

It continued: “Now that the battle has left the house and walked into the brave hands of the Judiciary which has dished out very grave injury to impunity, Rather than the spurious claims of bias and compromise, the courts have become the hope of a common man. 

“She has taken center stage in introducing discipline and compliance in the conduct of political party affairs which is good for all citizens who aspire to contribute to national growth via participation in partisan politics. When we succeed with internal democracy, we are bound to have the true interest of the people presented to elective office and then consequently at the helm of our affairs at all tiers of Government.

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“The people must take advantage of the decisions no matter how painful to appreciate the protection the law affords an individual within the party. We dare to say that the precedent brings to a halt the era of high-handedness and manipulation of the people by the so-called key stakeholders and Godfathers in all political parties who aspire to be on the ballot

“Contrary to the notions peddled against the APC, we wish to state clearly and categorically that we have never and will not yield to the existence of PDP on the Plateau let alone entertain considerations as to actions carried out by a personality we insist does not exist. 

“Let it be made clear that if there is any such meddling, it is for the courts to query us for referring to her judgment which very craftily the PDP has not denied it failed to comply with”.

The group leaders added that: “The Court of Appeal is not the enemy, but among the true gatekeepers of Democracy from its very root”.

“The law of the land must have its way regardless of whose ox is gored.

“Emotions, Threats, Intimidation or blackmails cannot subvert the Democracy that is the core Nigerian Politics.”

“This surreptitious style the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has adopted must be made to fall flat on its face”, the duo said.

They called  on all citizens of Plateau State to shun such threats and continue their normal businesses as law abiding citizens.

They noted that instead of issuing such a negative trend, they should put their house in order and obey the valid court orders without rancour.

The group also decried the action of PDP by taking verbal words against the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Monica Doengben.

“We in APC cannot sit down in silence and allow them to ridicule the judiciary and continue heating the polity unabated”.

During the electioneering campaigns, we reminded the people that the PDP had not healed from the blows it got from the courts when it was exempted from participating in the Local Government Elections.”

 “We reminded the people that despite PDP’s participation in the National Assembly Elections, where it won, the court of appeal did not bat an eyelid when it upheld the People’s Redemption Party candidate contention that it had no structure.

“This was against the backdrop of the failure to comply with the order of the court mandating it to conduct fresh congresses of the party”, the group said.