Stop Paying Politicians Salaries, Use Fund To Fight Insecurity – Ndume To Buhari

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Borno south , Ali Ndume has urged Buhari to stop paying politicians salaries.

The , Committee on said the salaries politicians be used to fight insecurity in the country.

The lawmaker made the call while urging Buhari to the issue security very seriously.

Ndume, spoke with journalists in yesterday, said the government source for security same way it did to fund infrastructure and other developmental projects in Nigeria.

He said: “ make the issue security a priority.

”He should leave every other thing and concentrate on security. That means even if they stop paying us and use the money to security. Is it not when you are secured that you talk of other things? It is not only the politicians but everybody.

“If you know that you cannot move out of your house and they say sacrifice your salary, won’t you do it? Many are working from home, yet they are being paid.

“They should stop paying salaries and address the whole issue of insecurity. If you don’t have money, stop paying salaries and allowances and use the money to provide security.

“If you are borrowing money to provide infrastructure, why can’t we borrow money to protect our .”