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Stores signs Ghanaian Koffi for 2014 Copa Lagos

Lagos-based club, Stationery Stores, have confirmed that they have signed Aziz Koffi from Ghana’s Sunset Sports Keta on a short loan spell for the 2014 Copa Lagos.
Koffi is expected to join up the Lagos club on Sunday as they prepare to face Enyimba, Pepsi Football Academy and FC Barcelona in the Copa Lagos which holds between December 12 and 14, 2014.
“Stationery Stores FC is delighted to announce that we have secured a short loan deal with Sunset Sports Keta of Ghana for their player Aziz Koffi. The player will arrive Nigeria on Sunday to join Stores in preparation for the Copa Lagos tournament, which will see us compete in the FC Barcelona Challenge between December 12 and 14 2014.
“Aziz was part of the BlackSharks (Ghana’s national beach soccer team) that played in an African World Cup qualifier in El-Jadida, Morroco but was surprisingly dropped from the team to Lagos.
“He was identified in Morocco as the BlackSharks best defender and had a standout season in the just ended beach soccer league,” a statement from Stores disclosed on Friday.
Stores also stated that part of the loan deal will see them take part in a tournament which Sunset Sports Keta will play hosts.
The loan deal for Aziz is the first transfer arrangement in beach soccer in Ghana.
“As part of his loan deal, Stationary Stores will travel to Ghana to play in a tournament to be hosted by Sunset Sports Keta next year.
“Aziz Koffi’s deal with Stores is Ghana’s first-ever beach soccer transfer and we are grateful to our partners Sandlanders Football for securing the deal,” said Stores.
Stationery Stores have won the Nigerian top flight title once and the Cup four times, and this will be their first attempt at the Copa Lagos Beach Soccer. (supersport.com)
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