Support mounts for soldier who blasted military chiefs in viral video

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Support have started coming for the soldier who took out time to make a damning video criticising Chief of Army Staff (COS) Tukur Buratai and Chief of Defence Staff, Abayomi Olanisakin with former deputy national publicity secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank, joining in the fray.

The soldier, who gave his name as Lance Corporal Idakpeni Martins, it was gathered, has since been picked up by senior officers on the orders of Buratai, after the video went viral on the social media.

Though while making the video, he had argued that he was protected by the Nigerian Constitution, which he argued, spelt out the full meaning of loyalty under the Nigerian Army laws, he also asked for solidarity, especially from independent Nigerian lawyers, as he feared his life was at stake, adding that he was ready for a court marshal, which must be conducted in public glare.

The support came quickly with Frank, in a statement on Wednesday, not only calling for the immediate release of the soldier said to have been picked based on “orders from above,” but joining to lampoon the military chiefs

In a viral video, the soldier condemned Buratai, Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Olonisakin and other military heads over the incessant killings in Nigeria.

He lambasted them for ordering the detention of soldiers, who demanded better weapons and ammunition to combat Boko Haram and other sects.

On Twitter, Frank said after watching Martin’s video, he concluded that “Nigeria is indeed in big trouble”.

“I’m very disappointed with our Service Chiefs. With this video, it is obvious we don’t have Service Chiefs but Service Thieves. And that is why the country will continue to remain in a helpless state like this.”

He said the footage has clearly shown “the reason why these Service Chiefs have refused to retire, even when they’re due for retirement”.

“Nigeria is supposed to be the Giant of Africa, rather we are the Giant of Thieves. With all the military war chest we have, Nigeria still cannot defeat Boko Haram, rather a country like Chad was able to extinct Boko Haram around their region.

Frank noted that Nigeria has a very strong military force, “but there has been no support for them to carry out their duties, because of the corruption amongst the Service Chiefs”.

He added that from all indications, “Boko Haram is more prepared than our military. Because the Service Thieves keep embezzling all the money that is meant for equipment.”.

“Nigerians should stop seeing these criminals as Service Chiefs, but as Service Thieves. I hereby call on the release of Lance Corporal. He should be celebrated, not arrested. He has Nigeria’s interests at heart”, Frank said


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