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Taiwan fighter jets scramble as Chinese fighter enters airspace


Taipei – Taiwan’s air force, on Tuesday said it chased away a Chinese fighter jet that briefly entered the island’s airspace.
According to a statement issued by Taiwan’s Air Force, the Chinese J-10 fighter intruded into Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification zone from the South-West early on Tuesday, prompting Taiwan’s Air Force to issue verbal warnings.

The statement added that fighter jets from Taiwan pressed the intruder back and monitored its movement until it flew off.
According to the statement, the Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s airspace, on June 9 and again on June 12, respectively.
According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence, the June 9 intrusion was on the same day when a U.S. C-40 Clipper military transport plane flew in Taiwan’s airspace.

Peking University’s SCS (South China Sea) Probing Initiative confirmed on social media that USAF KC-135s operated near Taiwan.
It noted that USAF KC-135s operating in the East-China Sea and South-China Sea, June 16.
However, the Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence said that its armed forces closely monitor movements both in the air and sea around the island to secure safety.
Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949, but Beijing considers the self-governing democracy part of its territory.


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