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Tambuwal’s speech at the special convention of APC in Abuja



v It is an honour and privilege to join you all today at this Special Convention of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). I am really glad to be part of the APC family. Indeed, I have been overwhelmed by the massive outpouring of goodwill and welcome that I have received from the members of our great party and other well meaning Nigerians since the formal notification of my membership of APC. From the depth of my heart, I say, thank you.

v And in appreciation of your warm hand of fellowship, I hereby rededicate myself to the task of building and growing our Party, and helping our party achieve its mission of lifting Nigeria to glorious heights and restoring hope to the citizens of our great country. In this regard, I hereby call on all other like minded Nigerians to join this movement to deliver on the promise of a new Nigeria.

v The APC is the party where the progressive ideals of good governance to which I subscribe are wholeheartedly embraced and applied for the betterment of Nigeria.

v I have embraced the APC platform as a veritable instrument for genuine change and enduring national development. We must constantly remind ourselves that Nigerians yearn for true change and APC represents the hope for this change, and a promise of a brighter tomorrow.

v The Programmes of the APC are very attractive and will bring about radical changes in the way we do business in Nigeria. The kind of change Nigeria truly needs.

v The work may appear tedious and the road ahead may appear long and hard, but our party is amply endowed with all the key ingredients of success. We need unity and solidarity in our ranks in order to face the challenges ahead.

v In the weeks ahead, we will engage party men and women and Nigerians on the future direction of our nation and means of rescuing her from the malaise of youth unemployment, insecurity, institutionalized corruption, poverty, socio-economic decline and infrastructural decay.

v May Almighty God guide our deliberations at this Special Convention, guide our path, bless our great Party, the All Progressives Congress. And may He bless and protect the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

*Speech by Aminu Tambuwal, Speaker, House of Representatives in Abuja on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

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