Team Nigeria heads for Commonwealth Games disgrace

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’s at he Commonwealth , opening tomorrow in Glasgow is heading for catastrophe following the decision the Sports and National Sports Commission to starve sports federations and the Olympic Committee (NOC) funds to prosecute a outing at the . Sports investigations show that the NSC, under the leadership Dr. Tamuno Nanagogo, wants the sports federations to embark on revenue drives that could sustain them. It was against this background that the contingent to the Commonwealth that start today in Glasgow, Scotland, has had a tale of woes with regard to their preparation. Their preparation was because they could not raise the money to prepare their athletes.

It would not be too strange if the athletes miss on the medals table. It is on record that most of the athletes only went on tour about a week to the . It is also on record that as at last night, most heads of the federations were yet to travel for the , because of non-release of funds by the NSC.[eap_ad_2]
Except for the Athletics Federation of , whose President Solomon Ogba invested a lot of fund to train some athletes and also poach foreign athletes like American Mark Jelks to run 100m for in Glasgow, other federations heads were left in limbo and are now in grave danger of watching the from the television screens from home.
But the situation is a totally hopeless one for the NOC, the body responsible for presenting athletes at the Glasgow Games. Investigations made by Sports show that the NOC was denied of funds by the NSC. It was gathered that the funds were meant for NOC to execute their statutory duties in Glasgow. But as as last night, the NSC was yet to release a kobo to the NOC.
“This is a bad situation but what can we do but to keep on hoping that things will change”, said a source in the NOC, who wished Nigeria well in Glasgow.
“We wish Nigeria well but the thing that the NSC does not realise is that we complement them at the Games. They cannot do it alone. They need us to get things done in Glasgow and if they deny us of funds, then they are denying Nigeria of ”, said the NOC source.
But in its reaction, a source said the NOC should stop running cap in hand to the for funds during international competitions.
“They should be self-sufficient and stop begging for money every time that we are competing in international competitions. We have prepared the athletes and believe that our best will yield us medals in Glasgow”, added the NSC source.[eap_ad_3]