There Are Attempts To Import And Declare Fictitious Coronavirus Cases In Kogi State – Kogi Govt Raises Alarm

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Kogi State’s for information, Kingsley Fanwo has raised an alarm of an alleged attempt to import and declare fictitious the state.

Fanwo alleged the state government has been under from “some interesting quarters” to find and declare of the disease.

the statement relased on Tuesday May 5, the also reacted to the controversy triggered by the case of an expatriate with symptoms of the -19 infection.

He said they have doubts about the patient’s demand for -19 test, because she confessed she had stopped feeling the initial symptoms and “her temperature at a healthy 36.8°C”.

Fanwo maintained Kogi State is one of only two states still -19 free , as “the case does not fit into the spectrum of criteria set by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for testing”.



MAY 4, 2020.


  1. Background

A distress call from an expatriate working with an international organization in Kogi State who that she had symptoms similar to those associated with COVID-19 had generated widespread speculation and it is therefore pertinent that we set the records straight.

  1. Determination

The case does not fit into the spectrum of criteria set by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) for actual or CoviD-19 requiring testing.

  1. Facts
  2. The expatriate, an adult female, sent message to the Kogi State COVID-19 Squadron Committee, expressing fears that she exhibiting symptoms similar to those of COVID-19.
  3. Immediately the message received, the Incident Manager who is also the Kogi State for Health, Dr Saka Haruna, led a team of medical experts to assess the situation with a bid to ascertaining if the alleged symptoms fit into the criteria set by the National Centre for Disease Control for CoviD-19 testing.
  4. Upon arrival at the residence of the expatriate, she narrated to the team in an captured on video how the symptoms she earlier communicated in her call had disappeared.
  5. The Incident Officer still went ahead to her temperature using the recommended infrared thermometer and her temperature was at a healthy 36.8°C.
  6. The temperature readings fell totally within normal range and she did not exhibit any of the other symptoms which by the latest NCDC guidelines ought to have paired her nonexistent fever to necessitate further tests for COVID-19.
  7. Curiously, the said individual still insisted that her case be escalated to the NCDC for CoviD-19 testing.
  8. Statement of Intent
  9. The Kogi State Government is genuinely suspicious of the motive behind her insistence, especially as we strongly suspect there are attempts to import the disease or declare fictitious cases in Kogi State.
  10. In view of the fact that Kogi State is one of only two states still CoviD-19 free in and having regard to recent pressures from some interesting quarters for Kogi State to find and declare cases of the disease, we are wary of an unholy conspiracy to declare COVID-19 in all states of the federation.
  11. It is therefore pertinent to note that while the Kogi State Government will never conceal any real case of the novel disease if it occurs in the state, she will adhere strictly to NCDC guidelines to vehemently resist all attempts to manufacture false figures or cases of COVID-19 in Kogi State.
  12. The great of Kogi State have shown admirable resilience and a strong sense of responsibility since the Covid-19 pandemic broke and we urge them to continue observing the recommended personal, and respiratory hygiene protocols as recommended by both international and national regulatory authorities.
  13. We assure all Kogites that His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello and his team seriously indeed the duty to safeguard them from all threats to their health and will continue to safeguard them from all diseases, including COVID-19, Lassa Fever and other ailments.

Signed: Kingsley Fanwo

Hon. Commissioner for Information and Communication