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‘Those who say Peter Obi is a Twitter president…’

Peter Obi


Those who say Peter Obi is Twitter President are now saying he is President of only Christians…
They once called him President of the South East before Dunamis happened. They realised that Dunamis is not pastored by a South Eastern pastor then they said Dr. Paul Enenche played politics in church.
Then last night (Friday, 12 August 2022) on the invitation of the grand father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria, Pa Enoch Adeboye, Peter Obi stormed The Redemption Camp. The celebration at the mention of his name scared the moderator and now they say they were celebrating JESUS and not Peter Obi.

For me, whether they were celebrating Peter Obi or not is not a problem.. the truth is that the ovation Peter Obi received in the South Western Church yesterday, the two grandpas (Bola Tinubu and Atiku Abubakar) cannot receive it in any South Western or South Eastern gathering.

Peter Obi is the President of the new Nigeria – he will be your president. He will love those who voted for him and those who didn’t vote for him. He will not place one region over another because he will always remember that Nigerians abandoned tribalism to stand for him. Peter Obi will be accountable to Nigerians because he knows that he didn’t give us shishi to vote for him.

Prepare your mind for a New Nigeria. Peter Obi has come. Nigeria’s turn has come.

From a Twitter president, he was promoted to a Tribal president.
From a tribal president, they promoted him to a Christian president.
From a Christian president to president of Nigerian youths.
From president of Nigerian youths, he will be promoted to President of Nigeria in 2023. It’s a process and we are happy with his presidential journey.

You may not love him today…but someday, you will be proud that you have a humble, responsible and intelligent president like Peter Obi. I won’t even advise you to rush into loving him, No. Take your time. You will understand him a bit later – when you let go of your sentiments, Emotions and evaluate him based on his personality and not his tribe.

At redemption camp last night, in Tinubu’s own land, the golden fish 🎏 couldn’t find a hiding place.

Peter Obi is your president. Embrace the future.


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