Traditional worshippers demand stoppage of Reps hijab bill

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However, the Araba, represented by his deputy, the Araba Oluisese Ibadan, Ifalere Odegbola, in an with journalists in Ibadan, Oyo State, on Tuesday, said, “We are appealing to the Governor of Kwara State to caution against steps that are capable of turning Kwara State and the entire country into crises.

“Peace will reign supreme if religions generally are given pride of place. Let the Christian be, same for Muslim schools and schools for the worshippers, without any religion lording it over the other.

“A traditional worshipper decides to attend Christian should imbibe the Christian practices and principles and ditto for a Christian who chooses to attend a Muslim school. If he decides to attend the school, he has to abide by the practices.

“It is wrong for a child who belongs to another faith to want to force his way through. The governor should desist from acts that can incite violence or civil disorderliness. Academics should not continue to get interrupted as we have it at the moment.

“In the same vein, we are appealing to the National to drop the issue of use of hijab; we are warning that religious intolerance should not be allowed to polarise us as a people. as a secular nation should be receptive to all religions and people should be free to practice their own faith without any interference.”