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Tragedy of Cheslie Kryst’s death

Cheslie Kryst… credit: Google


The imperative of social electricity is reiterated by the tragic death of Cheslie Kryst.

Cheslie Kryst won the Miss North Carolina contest in 2019, and proceeded to win as Miss America. Few weeks ago, during an interview with Denzel Washington, she radiated so much confidence, expressed bliss, warmth and eloquent grace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, indicated she was troubled or depressed. According to Katie Couric Media (KCM), “Friends and colleagues described the 30-year-old as a radiant presence who was full of light.”

Sadly, just 5 days ago (30th January 2022), she jumped from a 29-storey building in Manhattan, New York. She left behind a note, willing her possessions to her mother. I am not aware if there’s any other note or anything suggestive about why she committed suicide.

What this tragedy has revealed is that we all carry some pains, and as The Johari Window, that beautiful psychological model on self-awareness, has revealed, there are aspects of our lives that neither us nor those around us could see or discern. We need to really know ourselves and proceed to know others. The KCM reckoned that this tragedy is eloquently telling of America’s mental illness crisis, but I think there’s a global mental crises.

This is irreducible in the process of building a community of empathetic people. As a student of communication, and official practitioner, I believe communicating with each other as much as our circumstances permit, may help to mitigate our troubles. We need to be self and socially aware, we need to show care, concern and love, we need to look out for each other. It makes sense, and it’s incremental to building that social electricity all communities require to flourish. May her soul find rest.

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