UK firm evacuates some staff members from Sierra Leone over Ebola virus

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FEETOWN – The outbreak deadly Ebola virus in Sierra has forced some foreign firms to evacuate some their non-essential staff and imposed travel restrictions on them.
 Sierra last month recorded five deaths Ebola, which has more than 185 people in neighbouring and Liberia since March.
Osman Lahai, spokesman London Mining firm, said some their  non-essential staff members left Sierra at the weekend and those abroad on holiday had been advised not to return for now.
He said the company had also restricted non-essential travel and all such travels are approved by the management.
Another British iron ore in Sierra Leone said it had also introduced travel restrictions on workers but were otherwise unaffected.
Both firms said they had put in place systems to screen the body temperatures of people working on their sites.
Theo Nicol, Sierra Leone’ Deputy Information Minister, said the government doing everything it could to fight the disease.
He said the outbreak began earlier this year in remote southeast, spreading later to capital, Conakryy, and into neighbouring Liberia.
Nichol said until last month, suspected cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone had tested negative.
He said the confirmed cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone had all been located close to the border ’s Gueckedou prefecture, near the epicentre of the regional outbreak. (Reuters/NAN