“We Need to Apologize to Ozo” – Nigerians React After Saga Failed His Secret Task

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Nigerians have expressed disappointment with Saga after he divulged secret prank Biggie asked him to play on his love interest, Nini.

Sadly, Saga failed task today by revealing to Nini after she got into a fight with Cross this morning, Wednesday.

Saga was told that he be finely rewarded if he’s able to stick to his guns and carry out prank.

Since show began, the 28-year-old old engineer has been been attached to Nini as he follows her around and spends almost every waking moment with her so the secret task would have been a wake up call for him.

Saga tried to cook something to that effect but on Wednesday morning, he failed woefully.

Following an earlier altercation between Nini and Cross, Saga then crawled to Nini’s bed and spilled the beans that he wasn’t really trying to fight her but he was just acting on instructions from Biggie.

Below are some reactions that trailed Saga’s action and some fans have suggested that they have to apologize to Ozo for likening his closeness to Nengi with Saga’s love for Nini.

@dammiedammie35 ;

Saga just confessed to Nini that Biggie asked him to pick a fight with her but he could never do to her. he even said he even went to the secret diary session to beg Biggie that he couldn’t do it but he didn’t answer him

Nini said “good luck to you


I thought no one could beat Ozo in this game, and then Saga came, winning by a thousand miles.

@Tife_fabunmi ;

Since Nini already knows about Saga’s prank, Emmanuel soon find out too.

Because Nini definitely tell Emmanuel about if he discuss about Liquorose with her.

SeniormanOA ;
Everybody needs to apologize to ozo.

This saga is something else.