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What Makes Atiku Better Than Buhari? By Ena Ofugara


Atiku has lost elections severally, and all because of Obasanjo. Have you heard him attack Obasanjo?

Atiku can claim to have been rigged out in these elections. Have you heard “there will be blood of dogs and baboons?

Atiku has the money to have paid enough youths to protest his losses and kill southerners in the North and bail the killers like Buhari’s CPC did (as in bail the killers) Did he?

In a time the Northern sentiment is “book is haram”, that is book is forbidden, he goes on to build a university to counter that narrative. Buhari as governor of North East in 1976 (the areas that are today Boko Haram) MD NNPC, Minister of petroleum, PTF boss, President 1983-1985 and PTF boss under Abacha, and now President 2015- date is yet to build even an atakara or nursery school. His only contribution in education is approving 1 billion for the addition of Arabic (the language of the Qoran) to education. All the almajiri schools built by Jonathan he has allowed to rot away.

So while one encourages education, another practically follows the principle that book is haram… or at least does nothing for education except add Arabic, a religious move.

Atiku condemns any killing by anyone. He does not go to Ife when farmers defend themselves to say “why are your people (Yoruba farmers) killing my people (Fulani hersmen)

Atiku is Muslim just like Buhari. Atiku has never promised to implement Sharia round the country.

Atiku does not travel abroad and tell their leaders Nigerians are CRIMINALS or are LAZY. Fela Anikulapo has never quoted Atiku and said “my people are useless, my people are senseless, my people are indiscipline”

Atiku’s friends have always been from all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. People defending Buhari’s lopsided appointments say “you can only appoint those you know and trust”. So after 80 years of being alive and 60 of national service, only people Buhari knows and can trust are Northen Muslims? What does that say of him?

Atiku had a chance to remove Obasanjo at PDP primaries having inherited Shehu YarAdua’s political structure, when Obasanjo was going for second term. James Ibori and co urged him to “do it now”. Atiku said let “Yorubas finish their tenure.” He will rule after Obasanjo. Obasanjo had knelt down to beg him. Obasanjo was to spend the rest of his life punishing Atiku for that mistake of allowing him get a second tenure. Maybe Obasanjo can correct this now and allow Atiku fulfill his destiny which he delayed for Obasanjo.

Atiku moves from party to party yes. But does he burn his bridges? Has he insulted ACN or PDP or APC? NO. He controls his tongue and builds bridges knowing someday he may pass that road again (Something Orji Uzor Kalu and many others fail to realize) or have others pass it to where he is. Today he is PDP presidential aspirant and no one can raise a video of him insulting PDP.

Atiku has WAEC. He will not get 13 SANS to defend him. He will simply produce it

Both Atiku and Buhari have been accused of fraud. Buhari in 1978 as NNPC boss, an allegation the senate was investigating in 1983 led by Saraki’s father. He was again accused of fraud as president when he allowed his ADC’s father, an Emir bring in loads of naira that … yes Atiku ceased at the airport. And he was accused of fraud over PTF, the agency Abacha used to pay sergeant Rogers and all his hitmen and rewarded the Amokachis and their million man match. The agency was scrapped by Obasanjo for fraud

Now while Atiku has invested whatever he MAY have stolen and brought jobs and opportunities to others, Buhari has stashed his THEFT away for use of his family (all of them school abroad and shop A-list designers clothes etc) and of course to contest elections… at least four. If you think a poor man or one who relies on just his salary even ex president salary, can contest election in Nigeria and for multiple times, you must be a …(insert insult). (Why do you think Buhari did not declare his assets publicly as promised? Nobody holy)

So again, one reinvests his moneys in Nigeria and creates JOBS, another hides it for family and for elections

Even now, the biggest fraud ever is Remitta where Nigeria was paying a private company 25 percent of all earnings daily to collect our moneys that ministries used to collect. With all the loans and nothing to show, with the continued and even increased fraud, Buhari and his people have refused to reinvest the stolen moneys back into our economy and has also stopped prior thieves from investing their loot back here. THIS IS THE CAUSE OF THE HUNGER AND RECESSION.

With Atiku as president, there will not be more fraud as Buhari’s cabal are merciless thieves. However, Atiku’s own history and ways and ECONOMIC SENSE will allow people bring moneys into circulation and everyone, from market women to traders to landlords to even “runs girls” will see money to take care of their families and sick parents.

Imagjne if Globacom and others were not allowed to come into the country because an economic dundee was president. That is what is happening now. That is the joblessness and starvation and recession

Atiku will not spend billions of our money to treat himself. He does not need to park Nigerian plane for months in London. Those billions will be used for human development (even if na to divide am give poor people)

We have had a lifetime to look at Atiku. Aside Obasanjo’s attacks, we really have nothing to attack this guy with. So we major in the minor “he cannot go to US.” psst!

Atiku is a better man than Buhari. He is peaceful, loving and kind. Give me that over hate and anger in my leader anyday.

1000 Shiites killed in one day for throwing stones. Shooting at IPOB and paying Boko Haram.


In summary, Atiku is better and healthier than Buhari in mind and body.

Not just vote, CAMPAIGN FOR ATIKU for President 2019.

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