Why Ozo doesn’t want to be with Dorathy, by Ka3na

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Drama is playing out at the episode the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition reunion aired on Friday, June 19.

During the show, Ka3na disclosed why she thinks Dorathy and Ozo’ ship couldn’t sail.

think Ozo likes Dorothy’s personality and not the physical shape,” Ka3na said.

Her opinion however didn’t go well with Dorathy, who expressed dismay.

Dorathy got mad that Ozo couldn’t keep a conversation between them as he always goes back to discuss everything they said with .

“I feel like you are the playing the game between us because after coming to me to tell me stuff, you go back to tell Nengi what we discussed and I’m like is that what friendship is?

“You bring your problems to me, I talk to you about it and you go back to tell the person. You know how hurtful that is?” Dorathy said to Ozo.