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With self-discipline you can succeed in everything – Cleric


By Peter Amine

Jos – The Parish Priest, Church of Immaculate Conception (CIC), Zaramaganda Jos, Rev. Fr David Ajang, says with self-discipline all humans, particularly Christians, will succeed in everything they do.
Ajang, who stated this on Sunday during the Mass, said that many people failed in life not because of lack of intelligence or education but due to lack of self-discipline.
The parish whose teaching was centred on ‘self-discipline’, said that those who had disciplined themselves were more committed to the service of God.
“If you are self disciplined, you don’t forget to come to Church and in time.
“You study the word of God and you discipline yourself to live according to the word.
“It is gateway to success into all other areas of life and without it you can hardly be successful in sports, business, academics, marriage, politics and even ministry.
“But like other virtues, if you don’t make it a habit you, you will not succeed.
“If you are disciplined, you will influence the lives of others positively as many people will look up to you.
“You will accomplish more and you will become more productive with discipline,” he said
The cleric also said that those with self-discipline always delivered on their commitment as promised, and that they did not renege despite failure or setbacks.
According to him, such people have self-control and self-restraint in all that they do, including food and drinks that they take.
He said that uncontrolled intake of food and drinks for example, could destroy one’s health and may lead to death.
Ajang further stated that lack of self-discipline could lead to loss of reputation, especially when it had to do with food, drinks and speech.
“If you are always drunk, no responsible person wants to associate with you just like those always running your mouths without caution.
“Lack of self-discipline could lead to poverty and misery because those who are not disciplined would not grow their finances and have good work ethics.
“You would enjoy a more rewarding and fulfilling life if you teach yourself to be self-disciplined,” he stressed.

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