World Cup: Brazil’s Maracana stadium ready for the big kick-off

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As excitement mounts daily -up 2014 World Cup – don’t try and deny it, you know it’s mounting daily – today we look at ’s famous Maracana stadium.
Built as flagship venue for 1950 World Cup (which won, Pele enjoyed himself), Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Maracana Stadium has undergone a huge redevelopment preparation for being host venue for the World Cup .
With a capacity of 78,000 bums new blue and yellow seats (which with green of pitch represent the colours of the Brazilian ), the Maracana is ’s biggest football stadium. The new stadium will also be used for the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic .
Interestingly, the name Maracana is actually a nickname. The stadium’s title is Estadio Journalista Mario Filho, but Maracana has stuck, being the more colourful local dialect name for the blue-winged macaw. Did you know that? Us neither. (E&T Magazine)