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Xenophobia: Nigerians In South Africa Sell Penis Enhanced Drugs To Corrupt Us – SA Pastor [VIDEO]


Footage of a South African Pastor, inciting his members against Nigerians and other nationals in the country has emerged on line.

In the video, the clergyman was seen telling his members that the only thing Nigerians brought to South Africa was penis enlargement adverts, which is an insult to South Africans.

The clergyman lashed out at the South African government for allowing foreigners, trade in penis enlargement and abortion in the country.

He could be heard saying, “I’m the gate keeper here in Witbank… Stop all these Nigerians who come to our town and go around pasting flyers written Penis Enlargement-“we grow manhood, our job is enlarging manhood, and government says it’s all well halleluiah, that’s an insult.

“You are saying South African men need their penis enlarged. A man comes here from Nigeria, he sees me wearing 3-piece suit and he tells me he wants to enlarge my manhood, I will kick his teeth out with my sharp nose shoe.

“If you have visited my church, better exit now I don’t need that kind of person her, never!”

Recall that there has been renewed xenophobic attack against Nigerians and other foreigners in South Africa.

Against this backdrop, the Nigerian Senate had recently resolved to send a delegation of lawmakers to the South African parliament.

The essence of the lawmakers visiting their South African counterparts was to find a lasting solution to the crisis.


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