Yoruba Nation not negotiable or reversible — Global Alliance

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Global Alliance, a leading self-determination with allies in 133 countries across the world has insisted that its goal of Yoruba sovereignty is not negotiable or reversible

The group admonished the Yoruba people currently tied down in Nigeria not panic in the face of the programmed onslaught by marauders waging war against the whole of Nigeria.

In a statement issued yesterday by the Chairman of Council of the , Mr. Akogun Tola Adeniyi, the Yoruba Global Alliance promised the Yoruba nation that efforts were ward every threat the corporate existence of the Yoruba.

“We are not a nation of cowards. And even though our civilisation and enlightened worldview have imbued with unique Omoluwabi tenets, which accord love and accommodation to all beings, we nonetheless believe that it’s only beings who be treated as beings while animals are animals.

“We to assure our Yoruba compatriots that we are working, but quietly, strategically and tactically just like the masterminds behind those devouring Nigeria have remained anonymous without vainglorious and attention-seeking noisemaking. Yoruba fighting , like in the tradition of soldiers all over the world are the ones who do the chest beating to showcase conquests”.

The group said it was convinced that Nigeria was already at war, adding also that it was not deceived by the shenanigans of those who embrace terrorism and cuddle banditry and seek to impose Stone Age mentality all those who still erroneously believe there is a country called Nigeria.

The group said it “sympathises with our fellow African cousins in Sokoto, Zamfara, Kaduna, Borno and other north of Rivers Niger and Benue, who are being daily plummeted by pampered and officially emboldened , most of whom were imported into territorial space by officialdom.

“We are also cognisant of the wicked design of the war mongers to destroy the Eastern and Delta regions of Nigeria with the unrealistic ambition of occupying such fertile lands once the aboriginal owners of the hitherto nation- are vanquished”.

The group stated categorically that the Yoruba would no longer be deceived by the hypocrisy, insincerity and duplicity of those who are preaching peace with empty rhetoric and dramatised sympathy visits while at the same time turning blind eye to the massive buildup of arms and brutal incursion and invasion of the terrorised people they are preaching peace to.

“It is disingenuous for those who have cornered all the apparatus of defence and security and who have all the powers to stop the unprovoked plunder of other means of livelihood, to tie down the tiger and hand over its tail to the dog and still preach peace and quiet to the tiger. Don’t talk peace, stop acts that peace unattainable”.