Yorubas, Buhari and an agitation that won’t have even been; By Samuel O. Ajayi

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and , Convener, Yoruba Nation

Privately and publicly, people have been asking why I remain skeptical about the Oduduwa Republic agitation and I always take people back to the emergence and consolidation of the regime.

We Yorubas made Buhari president. Igbos never pretended that they didn’t want him.

And we called them names. A major monarch in the South-west asked them to do and drown in the lagoon.

We clapped.

In promoting and defending Buhari, we nearly ruined the reputation, and to some extent, lives of fellow Yorubas who didn’t join the bandwagon then.

I don’t want to recollect the kind of unprintable names my compatriots called me.

After Buhari emerged and we saw the disaster unfolding under his , I expected my people to rise up and live up to our reputation as a principled race.

But we didn’t.

No SUSTAINED and HELPED the Buhari regime to become the monster that it is today its Yoruba defenders and supporters!

When, in June 2015, there was this claim that TAM of Port-Harcourt refinery was done under TWO weeks, we raised alarm that this was not possible.

This is what someone said:

“It was not possible under the thieves that you supported. But by mere body language of Buhari, things are falling into place. Just watch.”

In July 2015, after 48 houses were returned to Timpreye Sylva (who paid for Buhari’s nomination form) by the EFCC, I raised alarm that Buhari’s anti-corruption, was nothing but a ruse.

They descended on me.

“You have to get over your loss. It is too early to stop crying. We know free money has stopped; so we expect corruption to fight back.”

When his appointments were becoming glaringly lopsided, we also raised alarm.

Hear them again:

“He can only appoint those he can trust and work with. You are pained because there is no free money again. Get over your loss.”

When (Vice President Yemi) Osibajo and (Asiwaju Bola) Tinubu openly repudiated the agitation for restructuring and true federalism and we reminded them that this had been Yoruba’s position since Babangida days, they snapped at us:

” Why didn’t you raise the issue of restructuring under your clueless Jonathan?”

When herdsmen were trying to start the menace they constitute in the South-west today, one Buharist from Ekiti said to me:

“Egbon, stop making noise. Buhari has nothing to do with this. Let our governors rise up and stop playing politics. Buhari not give them any special money.”

Under Jonathan, Tinubu and his party convinced Yorubas to boycott the 2014 Political and Constitutional Conference in .

Let the present agitators go and check the recommendations of that Conference.

If Yorubas had not made it their duty to be the chief defenders on Buhari, we would have PROBABLY put this man on his toes from day one and FORCE him to behave.

And you know what?

There may even not be need for any Oduduwa Republic agitation!

But when you create a Frankenstein Monster, learn to live with its consequences…

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