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‘You Will Not Get Second Term For Banning Okada, Tricycles’ Riders; To Sanwo-Olu


A group of angry protesters have vowed to make sure that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu will not get ticket for a second term in office following the recent ban of Okada (motorcycles) and Keke (tricycles) on Lagos state’s highways, bridges and expressways.

The Lagos State Government banned Okada and tricycle riders in six Local Governments and nine Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs, of the state. Lagos State Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotoso, defended the directive, saying that the riders of motorcycle (Okada) and tricycle (Keke) were a menace and that the security and safety of lives of Lagosians were paramount.

In an interview with a correspondent from LEGIT.ng, an angry Okada rider warned the governor, stating that they might be a possible increase in crimes if an alternative is not given for those who lost their jobs.

He said; ”Have you heard? Tell your governor Sanwo-Olu, You will start something else in Lagos, You can’t just ban us, we don’t have an alternative You say there are thieves in Lagos, yet you ban those who want to earn their daily bread.. there are graduates amongst us, there will increased crime rate in Lagos, I assure you. A word is enough for the wise”.

A trader also spoke on the ban, threatening that she wouldn’t vote for the next election.

She said; ”We walked from the abattoir to Agege, from Agege to Ikeja! Why? You the government are making us suffer immensely. Please for God’s sake, have mercy on us. We wouldn’t vote! Stupid vote!”.

Another trader pleaded with the government saying; “Hello, Thank you. Our Governor we are begging you, there are graduates amongst these Okada/Keke riders and that’s how they fend for themselves. I took a bus from Iyana Ipaja to Ikeja and had to pay N500 which use to be N150″.

A Keke rider who withheld his name clamoured for justice and a better alternative for the riders. He lamented the consequences of the ban.

He said; ”What have we done to deserve this? you said there are thieves amongst us, then catch the thieves and prosecute them. Why do we have to pay for their sins? I was an artisan but no sales before I became a rider. We stood by Sanwo Olu during his election only for him to stab us in the back. What job would you give us? No job or else there will be trouble” he threatened.


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