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Zverev: Olympic flag bearer will be ‘something special’

BERLIN- Olympic gold medallist Alexander Zverev, has said he will be delighted to be chosen as Germany’s flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Paris 2024 Games.

Zverev, who won Olympic gold 2021 in Tokyo, told broadcasters Eurosport in an interview on Monday that “Paris is a big aim, especially because of Tokyo.

“To possibly be the flag bearer there, that would be something special. To be there in Paris, to play for gold again, that’s a big dream that I hope will come true for me,” Zverev said.

The German flag bearer is traditionally chosen in the final days before the opening ceremony.

Basketballer Dennis Schröder, who captained Germany to a first World Cup title, has also said he will be delighted to be chosen as flagbearer.

“I must carry the flag! if not now, when? It would be a great honour for me,” Schröder recently told the Bild paper.

Zverev meanwhile also told Eurosport he hoped to qualify for next month’s ATP Finals in Turin which he had won twice in the past and brought together the eight best players of the year.

Zverev is currently seventh in the standings and aims for more points this week in Vienna.

“I have won in Vienna before and it is my aim to be in Turin. But I also want to play as well as possible in Vienna, and win, if possible,” he said. (dpa/NAN)