14 members of German armed forces classified as extremists in 2019

Berlin – Germany’s Military Counter-intelligence Service (MAD) listed 14 soldiers and employees of the armed forces to be extremists in 2019, a new report shows.

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Eight of the Bundeswehr members in question were classified as right-wing extremists, the agency said in its first annual report, which was submitted to parliament.

Four others were said to be Islamists, while two were reportedly part of movements that do recognise the German state and its laws.

Another 38 people were also found to lack allegiance to the German constitution.

The number of suspected cases saw a rise in 2019.

The report says that MAD has introduced new working methods and a heightened sensitivity to extremism.

German authorities have stepped up their response to right-wing extremism following several cases of violence in 2019, including the murder of Kassel politician Walter Luebcke and an attempted attack on a synagogue in the city of Halle.


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