7 signs that show you desperately need love and scx

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We Humans are social species in need of other humans to be complete.

Existing in isolation, there is often this emptiness that is more often than not only‘occupiable’ by that special person or persons.

This is the reasons we have relationships, marriages, communities and dealings with others.

However, we sometimes find ourselves drifting away from others, deliberately or as a result of social constraints (and work) until loneliness and depression set in.

Truth is, everyone — even the most independent of humans, needs companionship.

You be a busy man or woman, chasing the Naira bills from airport terminal to sea port to station. Still, at some point, you’ll slow down and feel the need for a companion.

Anyway, if you are exhibiting any of these signs, you need a lover and maybe Scx:

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You’re always under pressure to masturbate. If you find yourself being addicted to masturbation so much that you becomes a daily routine, watch it. You have turned to masturbation which only gives you very transient satisfaction. One day, the Scxual frustration might lead you to rape.

You’re always watching porn. Porn is another source of temporary that many people turn to. In fact some Scx-starved people watch porn at the office, in the church toilets and other public spaces. Embarrassment and loss of job are high risks for such people.

You’re always experimenting with Scx toys. So, in your search for Scxual self-pleasuring, you have become a purveyor of Scx toys? Why not just get a real companion? No matter how much pleasure you derive from toy, the real deal, especially with someone you love, is always better.

You’re always lonely when you’re not working. If you have buried yourself in work as a way of fighting boredom, you are setting yourself up for acute depression. Perhaps it’s time to get a companions, even is Scx is not involved?

You’re always cranky and snapping at people. They say a hungry man/woman is an angry man/woman. Well, a person who is hungry for love (and Scx) is even angrier. Scxual starvation makes people cranky and if you’re in that position, find release.

You’re always seen Scxual images in everything. Sometimes, when your Scxual urges become too acute, you begin to hallucinate. Every contour in man’s trouser becomes a penis and every skin bared on a woman’s body gets you erect. That is not good.

You’re envious of lovers and get annoyed by Scx stories. It’s simply jealousy borne out of a need you are afraid to express. If you find cuddling couples, love stories and gist about Scxual escapades annoying then you’re being jealous because you don’t have it.

Wha’anda believes that living in isolation is not the best way to live because there is this warmth that comes with being with those we care for and who care for us in return.