Abducted 15-year-old Daughter Of Retired NBC Director Regains Freedom After 29 Days In Captivity

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The 15-year-old daughter of an ex-director of the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) Alhaji Ahmed Abdulkadir, has been released by bandits after 29 days in captivity.

Recall that Abdulkadir and his daughter, Laila, were abducted from home at Bakori Housing Units in Bakori Local Government Area of Katsina State Monday, September 6.

The kidnappers later contacted the family and requested N70 as ransom for release.

According to his son, Nasif Ahmed, the bandits said N50 is for the father while N20 million is for Laila.

The bandits released Abdulkadir Thursday evening, September 10, but held on to his sick daughter.

Abdulkadir confirmed the release of his daughter via Facebook Tuesday morning, October 5.

“Alhamdulillah!!! Laila regains freedom…29 days in captivity.” he wrote.