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Acting is now the gateway to prostitution – Egbe


Popular movie maker, Blessing Egbe, who is responsible for productions such as Two Brides and a Baby and Lekki Wives, took to her twitter page to express her disdain for a trend in the movie industry.

In her tweets, she said that acting is now the gateway to prostitution. The filmmaker said that although she is always defending her colleagues, there was no use doing so as it is now affecting everybody in the industry.

Egbe, who is known for airing her views, seemed irritated about the fact that people would do anything to get their faces on the television screen because ‘market go come’.

She tweeted, “Acting is now the gateway to prostitution. People will do anything to have their faces on the screen because ‘market go come’. And true true, market plenty. Husbands skip a heartbeat whenever their wives are in location because of the dirt that goes on and orgies in hotel rooms involving married people. [eap_ad_1] “Single and married women sleeping with countless men to climb to the top. Please when you get there, what next please? Vanity! Vanity! Vanity! How desperate can one be in pursuit of fame and money? Where will you end up? Heaven or hell? Not all who call God are true. Sad!”

Egbe further said that it was sad that new acts had to pay huge sums to be featured in movies. She however blamed their predecessors for the trend.

“You spend money to make money, no wonder some of these new acts pay to act. An avenue to tow in the line of their predecessors! Their stars! And some producers are not even helping matters. Collecting money from non-talented people and in turn giving them lead roles to play. Gosh!” she vibed. (Punch)


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