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After being divorced thrice I’ll still marry if Mr. Right comes around – Maryam Ceeter


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Thirty-two-year-old Maryam Abubakar Isa, popularly known as Maryam Ceeter, tells ALIYU ASKIRA in this brief interview why she has been in and out of marriage. According to her, she is now available.

You have been married three times and separated three times, even though blessed with children. Could you tell us why this has been happening to you?

Honestly, any woman will want to stay put in her husband’s house; I am a peaceful person by nature. So, if Mr. Right comes around I will marry again, but for now I am taking care of my children, my business, and my parents and along the line I’m also enjoying myself.

You were shown on social media displaying great dancing steps and body movement which has got people guessing that your marriage has again packed up. What is your reaction to that?

What do you mean by that? After all there is nothing that will happen in Kannywood, even in the middle of the night, that you will not know. This is because you have been covering the industry for many years now. Dancing on social media? Yes, it’s true I was dancing with my senior sister, Mansurah Isa; we are half-sisters and are both divorced. You know Facebook or Instagram is no longer in vogue; Tik-tok has taken over.

Let’s come to the issue of your marriage because that of Mansurah is already a known issue. In fact she has just released a film that is fetching her millions…

That dance you were talking about was just done to celebrate a success. About her marriage, well it is destiny. They have four children; so you can see that we are still one family. I also have my children which I got legitimately as a married woman, but now I am free, I am doing well in my business and age is still on my side. So, you are likely to see more of my dances on Tik-tok.

And for you and your senior sister to lose your marriages almost at the same time should be a cause for worry or is it a new normal? And what is your immediate plan?

Immediate plans? Well, I leave that to God to decide my destiny. As you can see many of my female colleagues are getting married, but I don’t want temporary marriage. I am a senior lady, and as such I take my time before I leap.