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Apple and Samsung agree to end all non-US patent disputes


Apple and Samsung have agreed to drop all non-U.S. litigation. The announcement came late Tuesday in a release first reported by the Financial Times. In the joint statement, the two tech giants said they “…have agreed to drop all litigation between the two companies outside the United States.”

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed. But, as noted in the statement, this agreement does not involve any licensing arrangements or existing court cases within the U.S. Both companies have sued each other all over the globe for various issues involving patent infringement. [eap_ad_2] Apple and Samsung will now focus efforts in ongoing trials in two California courts, both of which are in the appeals phase. Apple already won a couple verdicts in the Apple vs. Samsung dispute earlier this year.

Apple filed for a cross-appeal of final judgement this last March. The most recent action happened this last week when Apple dropped the cross-appeal judgement of a Landmark 2012 ruling.[eap_ad_3]

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