Attacks on Lawan unwarranted, says group

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A group, Advocates of the Garb, yesterday cautioned against “ceaseless attacks” and “mindless propaganda” against Senate President Ahmed following his opposition to southern governors’ demand for restructuring.

It said spoke in national interest, but that a “shadowy group” had latched on to that to push a “misleading media campaign” against the lawmaker.

Advocates of the Garb chairman Joshua Thomas and secretary Musa Rabilu, in a statement, said it appeared to be part of an “agenda” and cautioned against such action.

‘’We should avoid regionalism. We are all leaders and we are in this together. The solutions to challenges must come from us regardless of what level of government we are, whether at the federal, state or the local government level. I believe that Nigeria is going to come out of these challenges stronger” said last week in reaction to the southern governors’ demand for restructuring, among others in a 12-point communique.

Advocates of the garb said: “We have noticed with dismay, the growing attacks on the person of Dr Lawan, ever since his timely caution against the resort to regionalism by governors from the Southern part of dear nation.

“The Senate President was also explicit in his opposition to the resort to regionalism on an issue that should be nationally resolved.”

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It noted that former Governor of Nasarawa State Senator Abdullahi Adamu, shared a similar “voice of reason” with Lawan.”

It said sees the entire country as his constituency and therefore, “sees the ruse of these governors in playing the regional card in these very challenging times when all leaders across party divide should take a bipartisan position in tackling the hydra-headed monster of insecurity.

“In other climes, leaders of different political persuasions unite in the face of common threat of annihilation…None of them spewed animosities,” the group said.

It urged leaders “especially those who play the regional card to borrow a leaf from such climes and contribute to tame the monster of insecurity .

“This is not the time, therefore, of harping on differences, political or regional. This is the time for nationalists like the President of the Senate and the Speaker, joined by others, to help stem the tide of and sundry ills bedevilling the nation.

“The present security challenges confronting the nation, we dare say, are not restricted to a particular region. We share the concerns of these leaders.

“We, however, are perturbed that the President of the Senate is singled out for ceaseless attacks and mindless propaganda by a shadowy group. Ever since the timely caution, there has been an avalanche of such attacks on Dr. Lawan.”