Biafra: Protest in Abuja as northern group demands referendum

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•Some of the protesters on Saturday

– A group of women under the aegis of the Amalgamation of Northern Women Associations, on Saturday, demanded a to allow Biafran agitators to chose whether or not to remain Nigeria.

The coordinator of the group, Hadiza Adamu, spoke on behalf of other members, during a protest , on Saturday.

She said, “Nigerian History has shown that women carry the heavy burden of war and acts of insurrections and terrorism. We have gone through it from 1967 to 1971, our died and left us with the children to cater for out of nothing, other that survived simply moved on but we never moved on.

“The aftermath of the war and the sufferings left lifetime scars in our hearts and on our bodies. It is for this reason that we (have) come together today and say we don’t want another war, another insurrection.

“We, therefore, unanimously call on as the leader and father of the country; and the leadership of the National , of the Senate, Dr. Ahmad Lawal; and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila; to immediately call for a in the country.

“Let people choose to live in in Nigeria or leave, any other group or nationality that to secede to exercise their rights of self-determination like the South-East has been agitated for decades to be allowed to leave Nigeria peacefully, without resorting to a civil war.

“Today the Igbo nation has turned the entire South-East to almost a war zone, northerners irrespective of their tribes are no longer safe, ’ infrastructure are no longer safe, service personnel from to army are not safe, INEC offices and other symbols of democracy in the country are being destroyed on daily basis, our husbands that go to do business in South-East no longer home safe, our political leaders travel to the South-East on national assignments are assassinated in broad daylight.”