Biotechnology will help improve agric produce, says official

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– The National Biotechnology Agency (NABDA) said Tuesday in it would work with to ensure appropriate scientific technology is applied to farm in the country.

Mr Babatunde Iletoogun, the spokesman of the agency, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said the agency was ready to enlighten any area they needed assistance, “mostly in securing loan and how to improve their farm using latest technologies’’.

Iletoogun told NAN the application of appropriate scientific methods by and the usage of seedlings would improve food security in the country.

He said genetically modified (GM) foods would agricultural productivity by assisting in the of new crops and in combating insects that destroy plants and animals. [eap_ad_2] Iletoogun said that technology-based agriculture is the future of agriculture in West Africa, especially in Nigeria.

“We need to improve our productivity to ensure food security because food insecurity and concerns over livelihood and resources are behind many of the conflicts we are having in the country.

“Without technological inputs and biotechnology, there is no way we can achieve food security in West Africa.

“We are encouraging small scale farmers and industrial farmers to seek loans the appropriate government banks to get money for farming and to reduce food insecurity in the country,’’ Iletoogun said.

According to him, biotechnology guarantees food security and allows us to develop new crops, new types of animals as well as infectious insects in our environment

Iletoogun said that by 2015, agriculture could become an engine of economic growth in Nigeria if biotechnology systems are applied.