Blackberry tries to recover with Z3

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Blackberry has launched its latest Smartphone, the Blackberry Z3 in , Nigeria this week. At first glance, the phone calls mind the Blackberry Z10- sleek and stylish- but is quite bigger a 5inch touch screen and also has an in-built FM. As a promo, Blackberry also consumers purchase Blackberry Z3 Smartphone in July an exclusive app offer. All they have do is log into the Blackberry (R) WorldTM storefront from their Blackberry Z3 Smartphone and download, free, a selection paid apps worth N8,000($50).
But the selling point the Z3 is perhaps the price. At N39,000 ($241) and boasting a 1.5GB RAM, 8GB internal memory, an Android Compatible BB OS 10.2.1, an in-built FM and most importantly a long-lasting battery that Blackberry has the need for carry-around chargers, among several eye-catching internal features, the Z3 is bound grab the attention the nay African Smartphone .
This is actually what Blackberry is setting out to do, Z3 the Tech giant plans to “extend the Blackberry (R) 10 platform to a new generation of customers in Nigeria at an attractive price point and them more ways to securely communicate, collaborate and be productive an experience built reliable, secure communications”.
The Z3 is expected to better the Z10 in performance; Blackberry’s Territorial Director for East, West and Central , Charles Asinugo, revealed at the Z3 Nigeria that the Z10 soon be fazed out of the , replaced by the Z3. The Z3, Mr Asinugo explains, speaks to Nigeria’s fast moving that is driven by price but where users expect a quality product. (VENTURES )