Boom time for SMEs as Smile offers 100% discount on services

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Economic adversity since the Covid-19 pandemic, as has been the lot across the world and especially in Nigeria, brings out the best or the worst in organisations. In times of adversity, forward-looking organisations rise above the fray and are distinguished by their uncommon display of leadership and empathy. Smile Nigeria ranks amongst the select few that have soared in their support for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with its recent offers of 100% discount on its devices (especially Routers and SMiFis). 

There is no gainsaying that SMEs are the worst hit by the prevailing, harsh economic climate. Invariably, SMEs in the telecommunications sector are not spared by the vagaries occasioned by the inclement economic situation. It is in this vein that Smile’s gesture to give away 100% discounted (FREE) devices; including SMiFis and Routers, to SMEs in Nigeria will be most welcome. 

Smile Routers and SMiFis are the devices that are needed to access Smile’s 4G LTE mobile broadband services. Smile offers of the fastest internet services in Nigeria and was recently adjudged as having the most superior Routers and SMiFis available in the market. These gadgets enable customers to experience the joy of internet on-the-go and enables internet access for a single person, or a group of employees. The battery life in these devices last for 8 hours and allows for up to 8 simultaneously Wi-Fi connections. 

In specific terms, the offer from Smile Communications Nigeria to SMEs entails up to 100% discount on any device offer of SMiFi and Routers. Smile is offering SMEs a SuperFast internet for only N14,500 that includes a FREE SMiFi device plus 30GB data and unlimited FREE on-net calls and SMSs (using the SmileVoice App), valid for 30 days. Once activated, SMEs also get 5GB BONUS data monthly, upon recharge of N3,000 or more, for the following 6 months.  SMEs can also opt for a Router offer at only N25,000 that includes a FREE SmileRouter plus 100GB data with unlimited FREE on-net calls and SMSs (using the SmileVoice App), valid for 30 days. This offer also includes 10GB FREE data every month, upon recharge of N6,000 or more, for 6 months.

SMEs can enjoy a 100% discount on any device-purchases, and to further support, SMEs can now enjoy SmileVoice services with 4 additional SmileVoice numbers (eSIMs) on their first device, which is on offer for both SMiFi and Router devices. Also available to SMEs is a 50% discount on a bulk purchase of 5 Router devices with a 3-month subscription of N20,000.00 or more. Bulk purchase will attract a 100% discount on 5 Router devices with a 6-month subscription of N20,000.00 or more. Similarly, bulk purchase of 5 SMiFi devices with 6 months subscription for N10,000.00 or more will attract a 100% discount and 50% discount with 3 months subscription of N10,000.00 or more.

Opinions amongst Stakeholders are unanimous that with these latest offers, Smile has lived up to its billing as a company that cares and is very desirous to always delight its customers, including SMEs. A Development Economist, Yusuf Anibaba, observed that the discounts on offer by Smile will go a long way to help assist many SMEs that have been buffeted by the pangs of the Covid-19 pandemic. Similarly, Anayo Okeke, an entrepreneur based in Ikeja Lagos noted that these discounts couldn’t have come at a better time. To him “Smile seems to know what SMEs are going through during this period; that there is a downturn in our business, is stating the obvious. However, it is heart-warming that Smile’s 100% discount offers can allow Small and Medium Enterprises to be smiling too”. This cross-section of positive opinion is validated by the fact that only Smile currently offers attractively priced and superior Routers and SMiFis in the market.

Smile launched the first 4G LTE network in West Africa in Nigeria in 2014 revolutionising the way access the internet. The company was the first to launch VoLTE on its network and has continued with its innovation, having introduced SmileVoice, which is a free mobile app that enables customers with any Android or iPhone device (including those which are not VoLTE enabled) to make SuperClear voice calls over Smile’s 4G LTE network. It was also the first to introduce an unlimited offering, which enables SuperFast data and SuperClear voice, all on bundle.