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Buhari, Campaign Funding and Fake Integrity, By Samuel Ajayi


“I will not use government money for my re-election campaign.” – Buhari.

You know what, his ‘mumu’ followers will clap for him; punching the air about his fake but still vaunted integrity.

General Buhari, no one DIRECTLY uses public funds for campaign. BUT PUBLIC FUNDS WILL STILL BE USED FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN. So stop talking like a dunce. All those who go to government and become rich hardly or rarely steal directly from government.

This is how it is done:

* Your aides and enforcers in government have been awarding contracts (which you always approve even without reading) with instruction to those contractors on how they will pay to your campaign funds.

* Oil importing licences your government has been awarding for the past two years to some key but silent northerners are also meany to raise money for your reelection campaign. No be UN go pay for those importations.

* If you care enough, ask your aides how come fuel subsidy is increasing every year in the last three years. Then you will know that you have already built a financial war chest for your reelection campaign.

* I know you did not sign the cheque used to pay for your massive campaign headquarters. But SOMEONE still PAID for it. That person was no father Christmas.

* Many top businessmen have been contributing to your campaign funds. They are no fools. They have made a kill from government patronage before. They want to sustain it. If you win, they know they will recoup times three of what they contributed.

In all these, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, the money will still come from the public treasury.

So keep your admonition!

I have one consolation for you: this practice did not start with you. And won’t probably end with you.

But keep your FAKE INTEGRITY and LIES!

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