Buhari: Nigeria’s WORST LEADER since 1914, By Farooq Kperogi

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Several online polls that sought to find out the worst president Nigeria has had since 1999 have returned Muhammadu Buhari as the undisputed winner, the latest being Sahara Reporters’ poll. Nevertheless, the polls are way too kind kind to him. He’s actually the absolute worst ruler Nigeria has ever had since its founding.

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For instance, almost all previous leaders have been identified with certain institutions and policies that have endured to this day. Buhari, however, has not only refused to build any institution and initiate any original policy, he is destroying what others have built. He’s a locust, a compulsive destroyer. While past leaders were guilty of misgovernance, Buhari is guilty of what I have repeatedly called “ungovernance,” that is, not governing at all. To give just one example, governing boards of scores of government agencies were unfilled throughout his first term. Governing boards, as is well-known, are the engines of bureaucracies.

It not only took six months (eight months if you start counting from the day he was announced winner) to appoint a predictable cast of unprecedentedly incompetent ministers, even some ministers who wanted to work and make a difference couldn’t do so because they feared that they would outshine their dour, aloof, inept boss. So everyone just stole and went to sleep.

Buhari’s shamelessly stolen “second term” will be worse than the first. It is already shaping up to be the term that might eventually disintegrate Nigeria. There’s no doubt that Buhari is Nigeria’s worst leader since 1914.

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