Cancer is treatable, curable at NSIA-LUTH Centre, if presented early- Experts

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By Abiodun Azi

Lagos – A Consultant Clinical and Radiation Oncologist, Dr Antonia Sowunmi, says cancer is treatable and curable, if presented early by the sufferers at the NSIA-Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Cancer Treatment Centre Lagos.

Sowunmi, works LUTH, Idi-Araba, Lagos, spoke the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday Lagos, while commenting on the 2020 World Cancer Day.

The 2019-2021 campaign theme is entitled: “ Am and Will’’.

“The theme seeks to counter the negative attitude and fatalistic belief nothing can be done about cancer, and instead promotes how our personal actions can be powerful and impactful.’’

Sowunmi said the cancer don’t need to travel abroad again, as the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Treatment Centre LUTH opened February 2019 had become the best centre the sub-Saharan West Africa for cancer treatment.

The expert said the whole world of medicine, including scientists, believed the world would definitely overcome the cancer scourge in view of the new innovation and treatment.

the advancement in medicine now, cancer is really a death sentence anymore; once detected early, can live a normal life.

“The equipment in NSIA-LUTH Cancer Treatment Centre is comparable what we have in terms of equipment in the developed countries,’’ Sowunmi said.

She said the cancer centre has the best radiotherapy equipment, urging those that had been diagnosed of cancer to come to the facility, adding that it has given hope to lots of people.

The expert urged the treating cancer that once they had been diagnosed at early stage, they should go around for herbal treatment.

She said that herbal treatment, at times boost immunity, but could take the place of chemotherapy.

“Chemotherapy is evidence-based and scientific that damage cancer cells and patients feel well,’’ Sowunmi said.

President Buhari at the Cancer Treatment Centre during its inauguration.
Also, Dr Habeebu Muhammad, Head of Department, Radiotherapy in LUTH, said that cancer was not a that could not be treated.

Muhammad said it was a that could be cured, if detected early through medical screening.

He said that patients don’t need to wait for manifestation of the and symptoms before going for screening.

The expert said that if cancer could be detected early, the cure was guaranteed.

He said that the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Treatment Centre was attending to no fewer than 100 patients daily, noting that the awareness was still low.

Muhammad said there should be increased awareness that cancer was not a that could not be cured.

He said that people’s behaviour could help to prevent cancer.

“Regular is very in prevention of cancer; those regularly have a lesser rate of having cancer.

“Alcohol and cigarette are also major cause of cancer; so, we need to desist from such habit,” he said.

Also, Dr Aje Eben, a Resident Oncologist in LUTH, said that cancer patients don’t need to hide the illness, but should rather go to the hospital for treatment early.

Eben said that there was no need for stigmatisation of cancer patients.

“It is like any other medical illness, the issue of stigma does not and should not come in,” he said.

The expert also said awareness was still very low, adding that more awareness should be intensified to combat it decisively.